déjà vu at the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki




PhotoBiennale / April 2010-May 2011

PhotoBiennale / 21st  International Photography Meeting

PhotoBiennale / 21st International Photography Meeting is organized by the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki, the only state-run museum dedicated exclusively to photography in Greece.
Τhe central topic of PhotoBiennale 2010 is “Place” (Topos). This is the second part of a thematic trilogy which began in 2008 with “Time” (Chronos) and will continue in 2012 with “Discourse” (Logos).

PhotoBiennale 2010 is devided in 3 parts (1st part: April-May, 2nd part: June-September, 3rd part: October-December/Μay 2011).
The international meeting includes exhibitions presented in museums, galleries and other exhibitions spaces all over the city of Thessaloniki, as well as in other Greek cities, in collaboration with public and private organizations.
Apart from the Main Program, the event encompasses parallel events and activities, like the Portfolio Reviews and the international photography Award Cedefop/Photomuseum which is related to the topic of work.

The PhotoBiennale is firmly situated amongst other European festivals of photography, namely Fotografia in Rome, International Photo biennale in Moscow and PhotoEspana in Madrid. The Festival is also part of “Festival of Light”, (
www.festivaloflight.net) an international collaboration of photography festivals around the world.